​What You Need to When Shipping Alcohol, Beer & Wine

Shipping your beer, wine and alcohol isn’t as simple as putting it in the back of a vehicle and hoping it gets to its destinations. But it also isn’t as complicated as you thought. Here are the factors you need to think about when shipping alcohol, beer & wine.

Shipping Alcohol Laws

When it comes to shipping alcohol, you must do it in accordance and in consideration of BOTH the shipping origin and shipping destination.

Various provinces and territories have differing laws from one another. On a larger scale when shipping cross-border from the US to Canada, make sure to know the rules and regulations and acquire any permits, or paperwork to make sure that all shipping is done within the law.

Shipping Conditions

Alcohol is made differently and therefore need to be shipped differently from other beverages. Whether it’s beer or wine, plan ahead and consider these four variables when ensuring the quality of your product.


Planning out how you will help control the temperature of the alcohol being transported is important. The sweet spot when shipping alcohol is 12 degrees Celsius. This temperature will help the alcohol maintain its flavour and slow down the oxidation process. Consider the factors that can affect the temperature of the product. For example, the unit the alcohol will be transported in is important. Consider the conditions of your transport route. Is it during the height of summer or winter? Does the route travel through multiple dips and peaks in temperature? Lastly, consider the length of the route. Long or short, how much temperature control and the means of doing so will be different.


This is more specific to wine, but keep in mind humidity. A humid environment at about 70 - 75 percent helps keep the corks from drying out. This then prevents air from entering the bottle and oxidizing the wine. This is important as you will want to maintain the quality of your product.


Once again, in this case, consider what your alcohol is being transported in. Alcohol like beer and wine are sensitive to direct exposure to sunlight. It can affect the flavour of the product and prematurely age it.


There are going to be some bumps in the road, literally. Make sure you’ve packaged your product properly always when shipping alcohol. It would be a waste to make it to your destination and find shards of broken glass and spilled alcohol everywhere. Make sure things are secured and cushioned to avoid any avoidable accidents.