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    Why Ship With Freight Fox?

    We provide cross border, cross country, regional and last-mile delivery services using truck and intermodal solutions. Whether you’re shipping locally or internationally, we can arrange ground, air, and ocean solutions for your freight. We transport a wide variety of cargo types, from standard dry goods, temperature controlled shipments such as meat, produce and floral, and even specialize in managing trade show freight.

    Your quote is guaranteed to match your final invoice

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    We will always get you the best price for your shipments. No hidden costs or fees. We are 100% transparent with you.

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    OUR guarantee

    Your quote will match your invoice 100% of the time

    We'll audit every carrier invoice prior to our clients receiving theirs in order to dispute any unauthorized charges

    You won't find a better price from any 3PL provider in the industry

    You'll have full access to the status of your shipment in real-time

    No matter the shipment, we'll find a reliable and cost-effective way to get it to where it needs to go

    You'll receive industry-leading customer service and support every step of the way

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