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We can get you some of the best rates on full truckload shipping with service and guarantees like no other company. It takes a lot to be successful in business. You need capital, marketing, the right workforce and a desirable product that is superior to the competition. And while those are all certainly important fundamentals, they do little to no good if your product doesn't reach the customer.

A business can only grow as large as there distribution is, however, trying to navigate the world of freight shipping can be a complicated process. That is why partnering with a Truckload provider like Freight Fox can not only help to ease and simplify your shipping needs, but it can also help to grow your business and increase your distribution.

What Is Truckload Shipping?

Truckload or Full Truckload (FTL) are typically freight shipments that weigh up to 45,000lbs and can be housed on a standard, 53ft trailer. Typically, these shipments usually travel as the lone shipment on a trailer and are delivered on the same trailer that picks them up. When compared to LTL, Truckload shipping seems much simpler, and it is, however, in order to maximize your hard and soft savings you need to partner with a company who not only understands FTL shipping but more importantly, your business. That partner is Freight Fox.

What Can Be Shipped?

When the time comes to get your product to market, you need a shipping company that you can rely on. And as every business is different, you need a company that understands your unique needs in order to not only maximize your distribution but to also save you time and money. Freight Fox can handle all of your Truckload shipment needs, with proven experiencing shipping:

  • Meat and meat bi-products
  • Nutritional and pharmaceuticals
  • Dry food grade products
  • Fresh produce
  • Alcohol
  • Hazardous materials
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Trade show moves
  • Automobiles
  • High-value commodities
  • Bonded shipments

What if your shipping needs are greater than Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) but less than a Full Truckload? No problem! Freight Fox offers Volume Quote shipping that is ideal for loads of 7 to 10 skids. See our service page for our other shipping services.