How We Save You Money – Our Freight Management Process

Our goal is simple: to help our clients reach their goals by having the ability to get their products to their customers at the lowest possible prices,
while maintaining the highest level of service.

We’re hands on and with you every step of the way

Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service in the industry, it’s the Freight Fox way.  We build, manage and monitor every shipment from start to finish in order to make certain that everything moves according to plan. Your shipment is challenging? It requires special equipment, strict deadlines for delivery, and a special license to move it across state lines? No problem. We live off the challenge. No matter what the challenges, we are experts at thinking outside of the box in order to create the most cost-effective and viable solution.

We analyze and monitor the market’s supply and demand of available equipment each day in order to ensure that you’re always receiving the best value, no matter what. Our premium customer service, along with our advanced technology solution, allows us to provide the best value in the industry.


There are over 15,000 freight brokers/forwarders in North America. As far as we know, none of them provides a web-based solution, such as the customer portal, like we do. There are two types of brokers; the ones that manage every shipment from start to finish, and the ones that provide a self-serve software solution.

We provide a perfect mix of both; with a vast array of tools designed to make our clients’ lives
easier, such as receiving fast quotes to their RFQ's on a variety of shipments, while still providing access to reports and accurate updates.

We base our solutions around the company ideal that every customer should have their expectations met. We want to make sure the work we do makes your work easier. We audit carrier bills to make sure you don’t pay surprise extra charges that were not authorized. We select carriers that we are certain to have a low claims record to drastically reduce any risk involved with shipping. We utilize carriers that have the least amount of cross-docking, which reduces any chance of damage. We provide our clients with the option to add full value insurance to any of their shipments at very reasonable prices in order to provide them with peace of mind in the event that loss or damage does occur.

More Reasons To Use Freight Fox For Your Deliveries

  • We resolve most claims in less than 30 days.
  • We have less than 1% in claims.
  • We have less than 1% assessorial charges. (Also known as extra charges)
  • Our quotes match our final invoices 100% of the time.
  • We profile shippers and receivers in great detail, such as shipping/receiving hours, dock availability, appointments required or not, contact names, after hour phone numbers, special requirements, and so much more.
  • We are an extension of our client’s logistics department.
  • We are investing heavily in our technology in order to stay ahead of the curve. All of our main goal of in providing a better quality of service while reducing overall costs.
  • We are one of the few companies located in Canada that has a strong foothold in the US market and is capable of managing domestic US shipments.
  • We do not focus on any specific lane or shipment type; instead, we are able to offer a variety of transportation solutions to any destination across US, Canada and even Mexico.
  • We do our best to learn about the customer’s business process, their unique shipping needs, and their frustrations and then identify reliable and cost-effective solutions.

Our prices are competitive, but you can save even more:

Pay With Your Credit Card

to collect points and don't pay processing fees.

Pay With Cheque or EFT

to receive a 2% deduction from the pre-tax amount