Air Shipping
While ocean freight is typically the cheapest international shipping option for freight, we know that air shipping is by far the fastest route. For high value, urgent, or perishable deliveries, aviation is frequently the transit mode of choice. Freight that would take 10 days to a month by sea, depending on the type of ship,
Shipping Food
Shipping Food and Beverages by Truck (Ground Freight) Amazingly, more than 70 percent of all U.S. freight travels by truck. A number of these shipments are perishable goods transported in refrigerated, or temperature controlled trucks. Examples of these perishable goods include fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, meat, poultry, seafood and other products that require
Shipping US to Can
Tips on Shipping from the US to Canada If you’re shipping US to Canada then there are a few things you should know. Over 10 Million trucks typically cross the US/Canada border every year, according to the Canadian Trucking Alliance. If you are a US manufacturer or other business shipping to Canada, you want to
Shipping Freight China to US
Shipping Freight From China to the US The flow of goods imported from China to the US via sea vessel is staggering. One of the biggest vessels in the world, The Benjamin Franklin, which first traveled to the US from Shanghai to Los Angeles in 2016, was carrying 18,000 containers on board that one voyage
Big Data in Logistics
The evolution of big data in logistics is allowing providers and shippers to access valuable information pertinent to their supply chain. However, harnessing this data and using it strategically is equally vital to achieve desired business solutions. Whether you’re a small business shipping within Canada, or a big box retailer with high volume international shipping
holiday shipping
We know that holiday shipping is make-or-break time for retailers. According to the National Retail Federation survey, 22% of American shoppers said they started or were planning to start shopping in October, and the average consumer will spend roughly $967.13 on gifts and other holiday spending. Notably, for first time in history the most popular
tracking your freight
Technology continues to provide new opportunities for you shippers to attain real-time, valuable information about tracking your freight. In fact, global logistics provider Cisco and DHL estimated that $1.9 trillion dollars of economic value could be generated by the use of Internet of Things IoT (communication between machines over the internet) for asset tracking solutions
shipping hazardous material
There are few things to keep in mind when shipping hazardous materials. There is an astounding volume of hazardous products transported throughout North America each day. Everything from perfumes and alcohol to dyes and paints, clinical waste, battery powered equipment, natural gas, ammunition and so much more.  Moving these hazardous materials requires critically important documentation