How We Save You Money – Our Freight Management Process

Our goal is simple: to help our clients reach their goals by having the ability to get their products to their customers at the lowest possible prices,
while maintaining the highest level of service.

We’re hands on and with you every step of the way

Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service in the industry, it’s the Freight Fox way.  We build, manage and monitor every shipment from start to finish in order to make certain that everything moves according to plan. Your shipment is challenging? It requires special equipment, strict deadlines for delivery, and a special license to move it across state lines? No problem. We live off the challenge. No matter what the challenges, we are experts at thinking outside of the box in order to create the most cost-effective and resourceful solution.

We analyze and monitor the market’s supply and demand of available equipment each day in order to ensure that you’re always receiving the best value, no matter what. Our premium customer service, along with our advanced technology solution, allows us to provide the best value in the industry.


Our prices are competitive, but you can save even more:

Pay With Your Credit Card

to collect points and don't pay processing fees.

Pay With Cheque or EFT

to receive a 2% deduction from the pre-tax amount