Peace of mind for your shipping service doesn’t have to cost extra.

At Freight Fox, we dedicate ourselves to helping our clients improve their business shipping process.  We want them  to be more efficient while reducing overall shipping costs. By utilizing proprietary advanced TMS solutions, we streamline the entire shipping process.  This provides a cost effective and reliable approach to managing our clients’ supply chain.  Freight Fox is a different kind of shipping company where our customers will find flawless end to end shipping service that creates the best value in the industry.

Our advanced API technology and carrier relationships allow for fast and accurate responses to RFQs, streamlined order processing, real-time updates, paperless billing, and online document management. What sets us apart, however, is our best in class customer service and continual shipping support.  We manage every shipment with careful attention to detail from start to finish in order to avoid unnecessary extra charges that can be reduced or completely avoided.

Freight Fox will accommodate any type of shipping, whether it be parcel, standard dry freight, temperature controlled freight, trade-show moves, or even expedited international air cargo. We will accommodate our client’s every need through our dynamic and broad shipping service offerings.  All while lowering costs at every turn.

Speak to us today about your business and shipping goals, and we will respond with a custom tailored plan of action that will help your business grow, while delivering results.


 Go Green Initiative
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At Freight Fox, we want to ensure we can accommodate our clients' every need while keeping our planet green for future generations. Constantly improving our own internal process is a big part of helping create more efficiency without adding additional costs. Making simple and effective changes each and every day is the key to reaching those goals.

We work diligently with our clients to offer innovative consolidation and route optimization solutions for both LTL and multi-stop TL shipments. Through our unique approach, we are able to not only reduce transit times, but also reduce the number of time a shipment is required to be cross-docked resulting in less liability for claims and the need for reverse logistics.

Our web based technology allows us to provide online document management, streamlined collaboration with our clients and carriers through our online portals, and paperless invoicing in order to eliminate the need to print and mail documents.

As a SmartWay Transport Partner, we are determined to select SmartWay certified carriers as much as possible in order to utilize more energy efficient equipment that will utilize less fuel when transporting our clients’ freight. Smartway certified carriers are fully trained on their driving and idling techniques in order to decrease the amount of fuel and overall carbon footprint.

We want our customers to join us in this initiative and help us move freight in a greener manner, while at the same time reducing the overall costs for outstanding shipping service.

Now that’s a bright idea.



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